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Take a look at our concept and features we are looking to implement.

Mock Up

Better tools to help you out.

We are integrating functional tools to use in game for the best outcomes.

Live player search

Search other players live in game to view what builds they have been going to avoid picking up the same units as them. Unless ofcourse you're into that kinda thing...

Increase Gold Effeciency

Select a playstyle or switch mid game to get live-response data of if you should roll, or if you can keep stacking your gold.

Powerful tools

We are going to implement all kinds of tools! TFT doesnt provide many aspects of live-game data so you can use our tools to see when to roll, how much damage you can take, and more!

Powerfull UI

Our UI is modular and clean. You can edit what features you want to have on the screen, and even customize the appearance.

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